PPS Series 15V 30V 60V 80V 120V 150V Laboratory Precision Adjustable Programmable DC Power Supply

The PPS series switch mode DC power supplies are high precision programmable DC power supplies with single DC output. The high precision programmable DC power supply features low ripple 2mVrms and high precision 1mV 1mA. The programmable switching DC power supply has adjustable voltage rise/fall time (Ramp output function) as well as optional data record function. The laboratory programmable power supply is designed with Battery Charge Mode, specially made curved charge for Lithium batteries in a precision way.


  • High accuracy, high resolution
  • Rated output voltage 15V 20V 30V 36V 45V 60V 80V 120V 150V DC
  • 4.3-inch TFT LCD display
  • Built-in beeper alarm
  • Panel lock and output ON/OFF function
  • List mode function, 300 sets save & recall
  • Remote sense function
  • Display load resistance value
  • Battery charge mode
  • USB host interface for data storage and recall from external USB flash driver
  • RS-232 interface, support SCPI commands, support Labview
  • RS-485 interface, support Modbus
  • 0-5V analog interface for remote control and feedback
  • CV/CC Priority Setup
  • Trigger Data Record
  • Current Limit Alarm
  • Voltage Limit Alarm
  • Ramp output, adjustable Voltage/Current slew rate
  • Optional Test Data Record Function

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