The TP3300 series programmable DC power supply are light weight, adjustable, multi-functional work stations. They have three independent outputs: two with adjustable voltage level and one with fixed level selectable from 2.5V, 3.3V and 5V. The power supply can be used for logic circuits where various output voltage or current are needed, and for tracking mode definition systems where positive and negative voltages with good accuracy are required.


  • Large backlit LCD, 80000 counts Dual-display, Analog bar 21 sets
  • 50 measuring functions, including basic DCV, ACV, DCA, ACA, Ω, CAP, Hz, TEMP, Diode and Continuity, etc.
  • 18 sets of output frequency, Max. output up to 8MHz, 1800 waveforms, 1%~99% duty cycle
  • Simultaneous measure (AC+DC), (AC+Hz), (DC+dBm), (dBm+Hz), (Hz+Duty), (℃+℉)
  • Auto data update and refresh, Auto data hold, Auto peak hold
  • 36 hours dynamic records: MAX, MIN, AVG, MAX-MIN (RELΔ), (REL%), with up/low limit setting and timing measurement
  • AC measuring adopts highly accurate true RMS measurement, with frequency bandwidth and AC+DC measuring, capable of accurate true RMS measuring of any waveforms in AC range
  • RS-232 interface

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