TFG3200 Series DDS Waveform Generator

The TFG3200 series are LOW-COST function generators with maximum frequency of 10MHz, 20MHz, 40MHz and 60MHz, based on Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technology providing flexible performance and system features for basic scientific and industrial requirements.The10 bits resolution, 180MSa/s sampling rate, 16k pts memory length, and 32 built-in waveforms create various waveforms for different needs. Optional PC software for USB and RS-232 interfaces control and optional 200MHz frequency counter for external signal measuring. The TFG3200 series have additional functions of multiple modulations FM, AM, FSK, ASK and PSK, 40 sets memories and multiple protections. Low-cost, multi-functional, high accuracy and low distortion make TFG3200 series an ideal solution for an accurate and affordable signal source for industrial, scientific research and educational applications.



  • Max. output frequency 10MHz/20MHz/40MHz/60MHz
  • 2 output channels
  • Mono LCD display
  • Direct Digital Synthesis technology (DDS)
  • Min. output amplitude 1mV (50Ω) with good stability
  • Sampling rate 180MSa/s, vertical resolution 10 bits, waveform length 16000 points
  • 32 built-in waveforms
  • 40 sets save & recall for panel settings
  • Modulations: FM, AM, FSK, ASK, PSK
  • Frequency sweep, amplitude sweep, burst, CHA & CHB ADD and TTL output functions
  • Over voltage, over current, short circuit and reverse voltage protections
  • High speed rotary dial and keypad input
  • Optional USB and RS-232 interface for PC remote control
  • Optional 200MHz external frequency counter
  • Optional power amplifier