PWS 3.6kW 2U Rack Mount 30V 60V 100V 120V 300V 600V 1000V Lab Programmable Switching Power Supply

The PWS series Programmable Switching DC Power supply PWS series cover large range of outputs, rated power from 1.8kW, 3.6kW, 6kW, 12kW, 15kW up to 100kW. The adjustable DC power supply makes output voltage continuously variable from zero to full range in constant voltage mode, maximum 5000V. In constant current mode, the output current is adjustable from zero to rated current, maximum 10000A. The 1.8kW models are compact size switch mode programmable DC power supplies, only half of the 1U 19-inch rack mount size, with RS232 RS485 interface, supporting ModBus-RTU commands.



  • Rated voltage 30V 60V 100V 120V 300V 600V 1000V
  • Max. output voltage 5000V, Max. output current 10000A
  • Applying IGBT module and 19-inch standard size
  • 4 digits LCD display for voltage and current
  • Constant voltage and constant current operations, auto CV/CC switch
  • Front panel operation: preset voltage and current, output ON/OFF
  • Multiple protections: OVP, OCP, OTP and OLP
  • Transient response time 5ms
  • Communication: RS-232 and RS-485 interface
  • Customized specifications and functions acceptable

Optional function

  • Remote control: 0-5V, 0-10V or 4-20mA signal to control output voltage and current
  • Remote Sensing: compensate the voltage drop
  • Remote ON/OFF control: using a replay to control the output
  • Timer Switch: turn on or off the output as per preset time
  • Square Waveform Output: output square waveform according to preset time and cycles
  • Reverse polarity protection: to protect power supply from damage by reverse current from EUT
  • PV curve output for solar panel tests
  • LAN interface
  • System Bus interface