SP1000D Series 4 digits Adjustable 15V 30V 60V Lab Variable Linear DC Regulated Power Supply

The SP1000D series linear DC power supply is transformer type laboratory power supply, with 4 digits dual color LED display for voltage and current output. The linear DC regulated power supply is made with solid materials, capable of working under full load for 24 hours. The low cost power supply laboratory is widely used in schools labs, training centers and electronic repair workshops. The linear lab power supply units are available with rated output of: 15V 2A, 15V 3A, 15V 5A, 30V 2A, 30V 3A, 30V 5A, 60V 2A, and 60V 3A.


  • Constant voltage and constant current operations
  • Auto CV/CC switch
  • Coarse and Fine control for voltage and current
  • Over current protection (OCP) and Over temperature protection (OTP)
  • Short circuit protection by current limitation
  • Intelligent cooling fan

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