Toroidal Transformer Multiple Laboratory Regulated Linear 4 Channel Output Power Supply 30V 5A

The TP4000N series are linear DC power supplies with 4 channels, two main channels with 0~30V/0~50V output and two auxiliary channels with 2.2~15V output. Auto series and parallel operations double output voltage and current in the main channels (CH1/CH2). Auxiliary channels (CH3/CH4) can also be connected through external test leads to double output voltage and current. Automatic cooling fan control give sufficient cooling to the power supply and minimize fan noise. The output ON/OFF control and preset voltage & current function protect the power supply and related loads from unexpected damages. The TP4000N series are widely used in applications of powering operational amplifier, push pull stages, logic circuit and definition systems.


  • Two main channels with 0~30V/0~3A x2, 0~30V/5A x2, 0~50V/0~3A x2 output
  • Two auxiliary channels with 2.2~15V/1A x2 output
  • Constant voltage and constant current operations, auto CV and CC switch
  • Low ripple and noise, low temperature drift
  • Auto Series and Parallel tracking operations
  • Output ON/OFF control
  • Preset function, setting of voltage and current with output open circuit
  • High efficiency, high power density
  • Over load and reverse polarity protections
  • Dual-color four digital panel meters
  • SMD PCB, high quality, high reliability

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