PPS Series (300W/600W/900W)

PPS series are high accuracy programmable DC power supply with single output. MPU control, RS-232/RS-485/USB interface for PC control, the PPS series facilitates auto test and auto control. The commands of the PPS series are compliant with SCPI commands. Users can easily develop programs to facilitate different applications in auto test and auto control. Users can also store or recall data via the USB host on front panel. The 4.3-inch TFT LCD display gives full display for parameters and output waveforms. Digital input fulfilled by rotary dial and keypad input makes input fast and accurate. Voltage and current regulations by software, avoids human error and makes the PPS series more accurate.


  • High accuracy, high resolution
  • Over load, over voltage, over current, over temperature and reverse polarity protections
  • Constant voltage and constant current operations, auto CV and CC switch
  • 4.3-inch TFT LCD display
  • High speed rotary dial and keypad input
  • Built-in beeper alarm
  • Panel lock and output ON/OFF function
  • List mode function, 300 sets save & recall for voltage, current and time setups, easy use in auto test
  • Remote sense function
  • Display load resistance value
  • Battery charge mode
  • Standard USB host interface for data storage and recall from external USB flash driver
  • Standard RS-232 interface, support SCPI commands, support Labview
  • Standard 0-5V analog control
  • Optional RS-485 interface, support Modbus
  • Optional RS-232 to USB cable

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